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Top 10 Innovations in mobile health care in year 2014

Healthcare to most of us has been predominantly about reactive treatment or an individual suffering with an illness and has been undergoing a treatment. But the landscape of healthcare has been changing gradually. Care providers and technological arms of Information technology are sensing a huge potential growth in terms of operations and need. Imagine a person in his mid thirties with a very erratic lifestyle is being informed about the potential threats to his health at very beginning of the threat. It sounds too right to be true. All this has been possible when the right health data was available with the person & physician. Companies realized the importance of this medical data two decades back. With such rapid advancement in smart-phones, hand held devices etc the software application developers are more than keen to foray into the health market. Also the medical data of a patient is pretty much protected under the law in the U.S. Applications now are more powerful tha

Why Healthcare IT is so critical

Healthcare systems are highly complex, fragmented and use multiple information technology systems. In the current largely paper-based medical records world, invaluable data is often unavailable at the right time in the hands of the clinical care providers to permit better care. This is largely due to the inefficiencies inherent in the paper-based system. In order to be meaningful, the health record of an individual needs to be from conception or birth. As one progresses through one’s life, every record of every clinical encounter represents an event in one’s life. Each of these records may be insignificant or significant depending on the current problems that the person suffers from. Thus, it becomes imperative that these records be arranged chronologically to provide a summary of the various clinical events in the lifetime of a person. Electronic health records are a summary of the various electronic medical records that get generated during any clinical encounter. To ach