I'm hooked! My Patients love it too, and reduces NO shows

As India embarks into an era of tech-startups mushrooming every other day, there has been an unprecedented shift in the partnering of technology with the common man. Of late, health tech startups have gained traction in the Indian Diaspora and online appointment scheduling system is at the center stage. Everyone knows that doctor’s appointments can be very troublesome. Whether it is waiting in the office or simply booking an appointment, it seems like things can be overly troublesome. However, there is a wonderful new service- Online Appointment system that is available to take the hassle out of scheduling appointments.Patients have put pressure on health systems after growing accustomed to doing everything online--from paying bills, shopping or booking a dinner reservation. We all know that feeling of frustration as we hear the automated voice telling you you’re on hold, or the irritating music coming from the phone instead of a human voice Some doctors do follow these patte

Health Information Technology and Digitization of Indian Healthcare

Health in India stands at a paradoxical juncture. With the decline in mortality rates and increase in average life expectancy, India’s healthcare indicators have definitely improved over the last decade.Healthcare organizations have a complex set of workflows as compared to other industry and the interactions which are required to be captured in electronic format are becoming obligatory. The digital technology is maximizing the productivity of clinician, physician and hospital systems to provide patient-centered coordinated care. According to the rating agency Fitch, the current size of the Indian healthcare industry is $65 billion and is expected to reach to $100 billion by 2015, while India's healthcare information technology market is expected to hit $2.45 billion in 2018, more than three times the $381.3 million reached in 2012. The World Health Organization broadly defines eHealth as “the transfer of health resources and health care by electronic means”. eHealth refers